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By Darren Jer | May 6, 2013

MarketFactory are the FX aggregation specialists.  We are a software engineering firm focused on the FX spot, futures and non-deliverable forward (NDF) markets for all market participants.  We provide access to all primary FX venues through our Aggregator, GUI, Liquidity Bridge for market makers, Limit Monitor risk management and Hosting solutions.

Fast and Easy

Founded in 2008 as a neutral provider of institutional forex trading solutions, MarketFactory’s platform offers the most advanced technology available to algorithmic traders and bank e-commerce systems.  MarketFactory’s ultra low-latency FX Aggregator written in C++ on Linux normalizes over 40 protocols to 38 different FX venues, allowing customers to focus on pricing and trading.  We make complicated markets simple, helping customers accelerate their time to first trade. Our innovative LAB environment gives customers immediate access to our GUI and API environments and we uniquely provide microstructure insight as the worlds’ foremost experts of FX market structure.

Contact Us to get a demo or learn more about our latency statistics and venues or Access Our Lab to get immediate access to our Aggregator GUI and API environment.

We’re starters and doers.  Our culture is characterized by

  • An innate desire to get new products to market – quickly, often, ship code ship code ship code
  • A skepticism of so-called “experts” – we listen, we learn, and we often end up doing it much better than they did
  • Intellectual rigor around clarity; whether its a programming approach or an argument for a specific market microstructure, we think about problems analytically and objectively without the taint of vested interests
  • Everyone is a thinker and a do-er.  No one only supervises here.  (Well, we had someone like that once but not for long.)
  • Enlightened self-interest; if we can make the industry better, do the right thing even if it doesn’t seem like it will make us any money, then in the end, we probably will.  And make a lot more than others who don’t put improving the market first.

We’re growing!  Check out our job boards to see where we’re hiring if you would like to join our team.


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