FXIC Panel Video – Now Available!

By Darren Jer | Jul 10, 2014

MarketFactory’s James Sinclair recently moderated FXIC’s panel on ‘The Current State of the FX Liquidity Paradigm’.  Held in New York City on June 20, 2014 the panel covered ‘an expansive update on recent innovations in institutional and wholesale liquidity provision to fund managers, global FX brokers and banks’.

As ‘the foreign exchange markets continue to be “disrupted” by new market entrants, trading models, regulations and other factors. What is the current state of the FX liquidity paradigm when viewed through the lens of market fragmentation? Have we reached a point of market saturation? How is the industry responding to these changes and what solutions are being developed for them by banks, brokers and technology vendors?’

If you missed the event you can still watch the session online!  To watch the video click on the below image – the video will open up in a new window.

FXIC Panel - The Current State of the FX Liquidity Paradigm

FXIC Panel – The Current State of the FX Liquidity Paradigm



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